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Halo Burger started with a bold vision and a passion for reinventing the classic fast-food experience. 

Halo Burger is a pioneer, who introduced Beyond Meat to the European palate before it was even a blip on the mainstream radar. Halo Burger was the first vegan outlet to splash classic fast food colours onto their storefronts, turning heads and redefining the perception of vegan dining. Halo wasn't content with just serving up any old patty. They took Beyond Meat and moulded it into perfectly-sized bites of heaven, creating a sensation that would make even the most devoted carnivores do a double-take.

Through it all, Halo Burger never lost sight of its mission: to make a difference.  Halo Burger’s mission is to show the world that plant-based eating can be delicious, exciting, and satisfying. Halo Burger has two locations: one in Pop Brixton and the other in Hackney Bridge in Hackney Wick.

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