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K&G Hospitality is the managing company for Hackney Bridge, a concept that works to support emerging businesses and create an innovative space for the local community to gather.


Hackney Bridge is more than just a venue; it is a destination for food enthusiasts, a magnet for creatives, a community hub, and so much more...


Our venue boasts both interior & exterior spaces that are accessible to the public year-round. Guests can wonder in from Hackney Wick Station, or stroll up from the canal walkway, and explore what we have to offer.Hackney Bridge has an extensive indoor street food market that is home to an array of local & independent street food traders and concept bars. In addition, the venue also houses workspaces, studios, bars, cafes, bakeries, local independent retail stores, community gardens, and a dedicated event space.


In addition to managing Hackney Bridge, K&G Hospitality also operates the bar on site: Hangar Bar.

Hackney Bridge

Units 1-28

Echo Buildings East Bay Lane


E15 2SJ

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